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Date :
09 Jul 2019
11 Jul 2019

Why Should I Attend?

Public Law 93-638, the Indian Self-Determination Education & Assistance Act is about Tribal Sovereignty. It is about the tribes’ right to self-determination and self-sufficiency. It is about the tribes’ right to assume direct control and operation of federal programs, and reshape the programs to meet their needs. The Act is a unique law that has been in place for over 40 years. This course will provide in-depth coverage of the law, regulations, and program administration (implementation, oversight, and other requirements).

Attendees will receive special insight interpreting the law and regulations under the Act. It includes a special presentation on the Evolution of Federal Indian Law, and an analysis of the Act and implementing regulations to highlight tribal rights. Tribal rights and the responsibilities of the federal government are covered in detail with specific references to the statutes.

KIVA provides the most comprehensive training on the Indian Self-Determination Act not found anywhere else in Indian Country, bringing its unique, unmatched knowledge and expertise about the Indian Self-Determination Act. KIVA’s founder and president, Ben Nuvamsa was directly involved in the technical amendments to the law; and leading the development of the implementing regulations. He played a key role in developing the Department of Interior’s Indian Self-Determination policies, including the Awarding Officials’ Delegation of Authority and is our instructor for this course.

KIVA guarantees its courses and provides follow-up support and assistance to all who attend KIVA’s classes, at no additional cost.

What Will I Learn?

  • An overview of the Evolution of Federal Indian Law
  • Tribal Sovereign Rights under the Indian Self-Determination Act
  • How ‘638 is different from Commercial Contracts and Discretionary Grants
  • Unique Contractual Relationships under the Act
  • Pub. L. 93-638 Statutes and Regulations (25 CFR Part 900)
  • Contract Declination Process & Appeals Process
  • Secretary’s & Tribes’ Roles & Responsibilities under the Act
  • Secretarial Funding Levels & Funding Protections
  • Contract Support Costs (Indirect Costs) and Direct Contract Support Costs
  • What is an Indirect Cost Rate? What is a Direct Cost Base?
  • What are Direct Contract Support Costs?
  • Contract Support Cost Litigation (Salazar v. Ramah)
  • Contract Administration (Rules on: Modifications, Carry Over, Equipment, Facilities, Subcontracting, Staffing)
  • Overview of Construction Contracting (Davis-Bacon Act, Subcontracting, Bonding; Tribal Sovereign Immunity)
  • OMB Super Circular and Impacts on Indian Self-Determination Act (Cost Principles, Audits, Indirect Costs, etc.)
  • Single Audit Act and Audit Resolution Process
  • Contract Disputes Act& Federal Tort Claims Act
  • Role of the Federal Awarding Official and the Awarding Officials’ Technical Representatives

Who Should Attend?

Federal Awarding Officials, AOTRs, SAOTRs, Federal Contracting Officers, Federal Line Officers, Tribal Council Members, Tribal Officials, School Boards, Health Boards, Education Boards, Tribal Chartered Organizations, Program Directors, Managers; Finance and Accounting Staff, Grants and Contracts Staff; Tribal Attorneys; and Tribal Consultants.

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