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$750; Ensuring Your Accounting System is Audit Ready; 9/21 – 9/22/21; Chandler, AZ

9/21 - 9/22    Chandler, AZ

Why I Should Attend?

The end of your financial year is coming, and, in the back of your mind is the “I need to get ready to the audit, AGAIN!” There is never a “good” time for an audit, but if you and your team carefully plan and prepare throughout the year, you can get through it much faster.

This session will provide you a detailed understanding of all tasks associated with ensuring your accounting system is ready for auditors to begin their work, including properly documenting and entering income and expense transactions into the central accounting system.

Ensuring costs are entered timely, efficiently, and correctly into your accounting system requires an in-depth knowledge of the work required.  If your accounting system is not ready for the auditors, chances are your audit costs will greatly exceed the bid/contract price. This course will walk you through the fundamentals of preparing your accounting.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for anyone responsible for ensuring the annual audit is completed, those who will be assisting the Auditors, providing documentation, and answering questions related to accounting system entries.

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